North Indian Scripts & South Indian Kings

In his recently published கவின்மிகு சோழர் கலைகள் = Masterpieces of Chola Art (Chennai: Tamil Arts Academy, 2011), R. Nagaswamy provides illustrations of Cōḻa coins dated to the 10th and 11th c. They bear Sanskrit legends, some in Grantha script (fig. 200a, 200c), others in Nāgarī script (see fig. 199a, 199b, 199c, 200b). Among the latter, we find “Uttamacolaḥ” for Uttamacōḻa (r. 969-985), “Śrī-Rājarājaḥ” for  Rājarāja I (r. 985-1014) and “Śrī-Rājendraḥ” for Rājendra I (r. 1012-1044). Continue reading